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Polyphenol C15


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Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum

An anti-wrinkle, oil-free serum that is highly concentrated with anti-oxidants to stop fine lines from turning into wrinkles.
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Le 6/9/14

Works as described

I bought both the serum and the day cream and started using them together. I noticed a difference after the first day! It's hard to describe the difference, but I would say my skin looks more rested, fresh, and therefore youthful. I am always happy with Caudalie products and am really glad I tried this new combination! It is second to the Premier Cru, in my opinion!




Le 6/4/14

This is a keeper!

I got a sample of this serum from Sephora and instantly loved it. It really smoothed and lifted the lines around my mouth, and under my eyes. I was so impressed that I bought this, and a few additional products, and in cannot say enough wonderful things about your products. Several people I work with have asked if I've been having facials because there is such a difference in the tone and texture of my face and neck.




Le 5/31/14

Great product!

I'm using the serum since two weeks and my skin loves it. I live in hot tropical climate and this is lightweight and feels wonderful on your skin. My dark spots seem to get lighter, fine lines are smoothing out and overall my face has a nice fresh look. I will definitely buy it again.




Le 5/21/14

dry oil

I love dry oil and have tried many Josie Morgan and Algenist serum and I don't find
a difference and I'm 52 Yrs. old so I was
what you would recommend to myself
who also just been known know that I get eczema. please help me in what serum is best for me on your line at night need
moisture and pepetides and dry oil
I do love your product it's I an going to threw menopause and I am sensitive and very dry. Thank You

San Macros, Ca.




Le 5/21/14

Love it

It makes my skin feel so smooth and silky. Usually I don't think products make a difference but this one does indeed. What a great improvement.