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Balancing Concentrate

Purifies and regulates excess sebum
Lemon balm*, Eucalyptus* and Lemongrass* essential oils

A booster for your moisturizers: this non-greasy, 100% plant-based formula works deeply to re-balance combination skin: excess sebum is reduced, the complexion is purified and clear. For those with combination and oily skin wishing to purify their skin deeply.
Apply in the evening, either by itself or before your moisturizer. Warm 6 drops in the palm of your hand, then massage onto clenased face and neck.

* Organically grown

15 ml


Grape-seed oil

Caudalie - Balancing Concentrate -  Lemon balm*, Eucalyptus* and Lemongrass* essential oils

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Le 3/8/14


I love this! It took me a while to try it because it seems counter-intuitive that an oily serum would reduce excess oil - but it works so well! It is the *only* product that keeps my skin in balance, especially during the dry winter months, and my skin has definitely been so much clearer (fewer blemishes) since I started using it. It soaks into the skin so nicely and doesn't feel greasy at all. Please, never stop selling this!!




Le 12/1/13


I am so happy that this product was reintroduced.

I bought one last bottle of it at a store, a year ago, when I was told that it was discontinued. I was very upset because it was the only product that seemed to heal my skin! It cannot be overused. It is an amazing product and the first product that put me on the road to recovery from acne.




Le 11/19/13


This is the ONLY thing that helps my acne. I've tried everything over the counter and prescription. Love the fact that it doesn't have toxic no-nos too!


Le 3/14/13

love it!

Love this stuff!! Use it every night all year long, even in the winter when I am dry, and it doesn't dry me out at all! The best part is I don't have hormonal breakouts anymore! This is a life saver in a little bottle!


Le 3/14/13

The best night treatment ever!

at 30, still prone to acne and oily skin, this formula calms my face and I wake up even toned and looking fresh! I do not break out and my pores have seem to diminish. love this product!!