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Teint Divin, Soleil Divin


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Mineral Tinted Moisturizer - Light

The healthy glow effect product
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Le 5/18/16

lovely scent

This tinted moisturizer is very light with lovely scent. I mix with Premier Cru cream and pat on my face every morning. It is a bit too dark and orange if it is applied by itself so mixing with face cream seems best for me.




Le 6/15/14

Ah-mazing :)

I have used Caudalie products for over 8 years. My face is sensitive and a combination of oily and dry. Caudalie products have never let me down, nor do they strip my face or cause irritation like other products. This really gave me a glow while allowing my porcelain skin to shine through. The smell is "divine" just like the oil. I love this product and a beautician at a salon complemented how great my skin looked. So glad I finally tried this product and the bronzer. Love it!!




Le 6/6/14

My favorite!

I love this tinted moiturizer. Originally received it in a trial from a store. Wondered about it when I saw it looked a little orange. But, it gives a great color without makeup...and I use it under make-up as well. Just bought 2 more tubes of it to have one at home and one in my travel bag. Love it!




Le 6/5/14

it's an acquired scent

When i first tried this i must say, i didn't like it at all. it was too dark for my skin because it's got a nice tint to it to make your skin glow. My skin's more yellow toned but this cream is more orange. The other thing i disliked was the smell, it's the divine oil smell. For some reason, after sampling the divine oil by itself, i grew to like it. it's very different and i can't describe the scent with words but it's very pleasant after a while. I have now decided to keep this since i got a bit tanned in summer so my skin now matches perfectly with the cream. but for those who are really pale, i would advise to stay away.




Le 5/26/14

Beautiful tinted moisturizer!

I got the light-to-medium one-and it looks lovely just on my cheeks-and also all over my face and neck. I'm happy I got gives me a pretty glow :) ox