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Premier Cru


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Premier Cru La Crème Riche

Ideal for dry skin | Ultimate anti-ageing
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Le 6/4/14


I love this product. My skin looks so much better with it!




Le 6/1/14

Very Nice

I was listening to the radio one afternoon when Martha Stewart recommended this product -- she said she could bathe in it and after trying it, I totally agree. What a luxurious product -- pricey, but worth it.




Le 3/21/14

Face Feels/Looks Fantastic

I have only been using this product for a week, but I can definitely see and feel a face feels soft to the touch all day and my complexion looks natural (I do not wear foundation). The cream goes on very smooth and is not heavy or light...just right. I also love the all-in-one cream, as I prefer my routine to be simple. I am excited about this new product and I cannot wait to see the results the longer I use it...Thanks!




Le 1/21/14

Excellent product, excellent packaging

I have been using Caudalie in the past four years, and still do to this day. It gives me all of the benefits that I need, especially Premier La Cru. Until I switched to the riche one, I was using the one in a pump. The pump in my opinion is a poor form of packaging because it frequently breaks and stops pumping, and I would have to replace it all the time. And, it leaves behind so much cream that I would have to pull the tube out of the container to squeeze out the remaining... Very annoying, and not something I should do for this price it is selling at. The jar is perfect, and for those who are concerned about touching it with fingers.. Don't touch it with fingers. There is a mini spatula that comes with jar. Like all other cosmetic products in jar, spatulas are included for scooping a dime size worth of cream.




Le 1/6/14


The new cream is very good, that is true My only complaint is the packaging, the jar.
It is common knowledge that the best for cosmetics creams is to be packaged in a bottle , so you do not need to to put your fingers in it or to keep the content exposed to the oxygen when the jar is open.