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Grape Water - Travel Size

Soothing hydration anytime, anywhere
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Le 9/26/16

Perfect for travel !

I use this grape water every time I travel especially flying, the air on the plane is very dry and I have dry skin, this grape water lift me up & my skin feel hydrated & comfortable. At home, I use the full size bottle, this is a very good product and I will keep buying.




Le 10/27/13


So for the past week I haven't felt well so after I get out of the shower instead of doing my daily facial rituals I have to sit down and settle my stomach down. The first couple of days I out nothing on right after the shower and my face was so so dry by the time I finally made it to the bathroom so by the 3rd day I decided to spray the grape water on my face before I sat down for a second and oh my goodness the absolute amazing difference it made. It actually felt like I had put a moisturizer on. I will never go a day without spraying it on my face first along with my day perfecting fluid!