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Gentle Cleansing Milk

Enriching nourishing & soothing agents
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Le 9/4/16

best cleanser for sensitive skin

The cleansing milk is great for very sensitive skin. In winter, especially, I find water too irritating. I can use this without wetting my face first and my skin feels just as clean. No extra breakouts compared to other cleansers I have tried. It doesn't rinse well. It won't leave your face feeling the same way as a foaming cleanser or soap. But it does come of clean using either the cleansing water or moisturizing toner on a cotton pad. I have tried the caudalie foaming cleanser and it did not clean my skin as well as this; even though my skin felt more "clean" when I rinsed it off I had more breakouts. Definitely worth a try (in combo with toner or cleansing water) if you have sensitive skin.




Le 9/2/16

Milk Cleanser

When I first purchased this cleanser, I thought it would be a gentle cleanser to use in the shower. I was disappointed once I realized how to use the product. However, after several uses the product has really grown on me. At first I thought the product was too thick to leave on but it turns out to be very effective and leaves my face very soft and hydrated.




Le 10/18/13

Hate New Formula, Was my HG Product

I have dry and sensitive skin and I have tried pretty much every cleanser Sephora has to offer. I finally found my match and my skin was amazing. I went on a trip out of town and lost my cleanser in the hotel room. I was sad but thought it wasn't a huge deal because I could just repurchase. This was during the repackaging phase within 1 week's time of losing my cleanser. I bought it, used it, the formula is completely different. It is waxy and won't wash off easily. I immediately returned it. The sales lady at Sephora let me know I wasn't the only one who was disappointed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Bring back the old formua.




Le 10/12/13

New Formulam So Disappointing

I have dry, sensitive skin with rosacea and the old formula was one of the only cleansers that was effective but didn't irritate my skin. The new formula is incredibly disappointing. It takes many cotton pads and lots of toner to get all the makeup residue off my skin. Unlike cleansing oils, it does not emulsify and rinse off. I need to use the foaming cleanser after the milky cleanser so I don't have to use so many pads that create too much friction for my delicate skin. Please reevaluate this formula!




Le 10/3/13

One swipe!

I loved the old formula, but am LOVING this one! I use it with cotton pads to remove my make up and cleanse my face. One swipe for each area of my face and I'm done!

I love a quick clean up at the end of the day... and my face feels clean and hydrated. Love!!