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Divine Oil - Travel Size

Moisturizes, Nourishes and Enhances
Grape, Hibiscus, Sesame and Argan Oils

New Travel Size! This luxurious dry oil moisturizes, nourishes and enhances the face, body and hair, thanks to its unique formula made with exceptional blend of oils (grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan) combined with our patented anti-oxidant Polyphenols. It envelops the skin with a subtle, floral and sun-kissed fragrance, with woody notes. Now available in 50ml or 100 ml.

Support the Coeur de Fôret Association by getting hooked on Divine Oil. Caudalie is committed to planting one tree for every bottle sold. By the end of 2012, 150,000 trees will have been planted in the Amazon.

50 ml

Divine Body

Grape-seed oil

Caudalie - Divine Oil - Travel Size - Grape, Hibiscus, Sesame and Argan Oils

What makes Grape Oil unique?

A priceless treasure from the vine, grape oil contains a high concentration of omega 6 and vitamin E which gives it nourishing and regenerating properties.



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Le 12/1/13

Aptly Named!!

Caudalie's Divine Oil is just that- divine!! This dry oil is so luxurious, restorative, and just plain delicious, that I will be using it whatever the season. In the winter, I would use under the Vignes body lotion or butter, and in the summer, after a day at the beach, a layer of this beautifully-scented oil immediately after showering makes your skin just glow! A must-have product, and so reasonably priced, too!




Le 11/8/13

Exceeded Expectations!

I hadn't tried many body oils before the Divine Oil. SOOO many great things to say about this product! First of all, I was really impressed by the packaging/dispensing system. I like how the oil pumps/sprays, perfect for the less-coordinated/prone to spilling type of person. It makes it easy to control how much I pump out also. The texture of this oil is incredible, it absorbed easily into my skin (and I can use it on my body, my face, and my hair!) without leaving any greasy after-feeling. And the best thing of all- the smell! It's fresh, warm, sweet, comforting-- unlike anything I've ever smelled before...and I consider myself extremely picky about the smells of the products I use. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!




Le 11/2/13


This exquisite oil makes your skin so supple, soft,,,, moisturizes your skin like nothing I have ever tried, the fragrance is indescribable,,,,my husband just adores it.
A MUST,,,,if there is a product you cannot live without it ,,this is it.