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Grape-seed oil

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Lip Conditioner

Nourishes, protects and soothes
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Le 6/7/16

Chapstick Fanatic Fave

Bought this for the first time when I was traveling in Germany and had forgotten my chapstick somehow (rare because I normally slip in multiple throughout my luggage. Absolutely love this one but always have a tough time getting my hands on it when I think of it because they often sell out!!




Le 5/13/16

17 years and counting...

many, many moons ago i suffered from adult acne and needed to go on accutane treatment. one of the side effects of the skin renewal process is the shedding of skin, especially on your lips. i'm not a lipstick wearer and don't like the taste of most chap stick remedies on the market, and i happened to find Caudalie in Paris and bought ten of them! it wasn't available in the states at that time, so everyone i knew had the mission of stopping by a cosmetic shop while on their trips to europe and making my bundle purchase. i have now been using their lip conditioner for almost twenty years. nothing compares!




Le 4/12/16


I have used this lip treatment for quite some time, not only in the WINTER. but, YEAR ROUND. It hydrates your lips in all weather, cold, heat, wind....I apply this at least 3 times a day, and immediately feel the soothing on my lips. This lip conditioner is wonderful..I suggest everyone try it, you won't be sorry!




Le 4/11/16

outstanding product

For many years, I have not been able to use most lipsticks and lip balms due to sensitivity to some of the ingredients. I received a sample of this lip conditioner and was very pleased to find that it does not cause any problems for me. It is an outstanding product - don't ever change it!

Surel Surve



Le 4/8/16

My lips have never felt so beautiful :)

I have chapped lips problem all year. I have been using drugstore lipbalms all my life with no relief whatsoever. This lip balm is a life saver. It not only keeps my lips soft and smooth but also helped even out and match my upper and lower lip color by naturally healing and curing. I love how it smells. The stick is pretty hard in consistency and won't break on you ever. A little goes on a long way and it is super easy to spread and lasts long!!