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Pêche de Vigne Shower Gel

Soap-free, high-tolerance
A delicious and invigorating fragrance
Aloe vera

Transform your shower into pure relaxation. Enriched with aloe vera, this shower gel is a delicious fragrance that combines soft vine peach with a hint of almond milk and fresh mint leaf.

Perfect for all skin types, soap-free formula and 100% plant cleansing base.

Lather up on damp skin. Rinses off easily to leave the skin feeling soft with a delicious vine peach fragrance.

200 ml

Fresh Fragrances

Caudalie - Pêche de Vigne Shower Gel -  Aloe vera

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Le 10/9/13

Wonderful aroma

This is almost as delicious as the "Zeste de Vigne" which I used to buy in London. Still 5 stars!!




Le 10/2/13

So Refreshing!

I love this body wash. The scent is just perfect and is refreshing and pleasant, not overly perfumey like other brands. Leaves my skin nice and soft


Le 3/14/13

Smells Dreamy

I love this shower gel. The smell is divine, I only wish they also made a fragrance with this smell.


Le 3/14/13

Took Me By Suprise

OK, it does not smell like peaches to me, but I still love this shower gel. I feel marvelously clean and refreshed after using it and while I can not put my finger on what I think it DOES smell like (some wood notes for sure) I do like the fragrance. It definitely does not smell like chemicals and I appreciate that. This gel is great for shaving and has a luxurious feel. Would recommend!


Le 3/14/13


This has made my day. I wish all psoitgns were this good.