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Thé des Vignes Fresh Fragrance

A scented stroll through the vines
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Le 5/8/16

LOVE this scent

I found this fragrance during a trip to Paris. I wanted something light and not overwhelming. I was impressed with this scent. Now every time I wear it I get so many compliments and it brings me back to that wonderful vacation to Paris. Please never stop making it.




Le 5/31/14

Light and refreshing.

I wear this fragrance every day and always receive compliments. It is perfect for warm muggy weather with its light overtones.




Le 5/10/14

Daily compliments

Every day I wear this fragrance I get stopped by at least one person who tells me how good I smell. It's a light fragrance,and it doesn't last in the way that strong perfumes do, but I refresh the scent when I go out for the evening, or better yet, I spray my scarves, clothes and a little in my hair to keep the light, but beautiful fragrance fresh. It's more of a body spray than heavy cologne. That said, no need to overdo it, use the bath gel for a great layering effect. I love it and I'm on my third bottle!




Le 11/22/13

Bliss in a Bottle

I purchased the Divine oil, which is fantastic, and I layered it with the The des Vignes... Absolutely beautiful!! This is the first time in a LONG time that I, a fragrance junkie, have had one compliment after another regarding how beautiful I smell!! My husband, who hates strong scents, and my mother, whose allergies erupt when around strong smells, both LOVE this. In addition, I find the scent warm, fresh, sensual. I'll NEVER go without this one!!




Le 10/5/13

beautiful fragrance

I always have people asking me what fragrance I wear. This one is just the best.