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Beauty in a Mist

"Beauty Elixir is the must-have product to keep in your handbag. This multi-purpose revitalizing mist is the essential go-to product for women everywhere"

Mathilde Thomas

Beauty Elixir

Prep Skin, Set Makeup, Glow

Created 25 years ago, Beauty Elixir comes in a new bottle inspired by its iconic botanical scent.

This multi-use, plant-based mist preps skin, sets makeup and gives an instant glow while tightening pores.

100% saw pores tightened immediately after use*



Step 1 : Prep Skin



Spritz to tighten pores and give a radiance boost in the morning

Step 2 : Prep Makeup



Spritz between your foundation and powder to set your makeup

Step 3 : Glow !



Enjoy your perfect skin !

New design, same iconic formula

Beauty Elixir is available in two sizes, perfect to bring wherever you go!

Loved by makeup artists and celebrities, Beauty Elixir has become an icon over the years.

Evolution of Beauty Elixir


Inspired by the Youth Elixir of the Queen of Hungary in the 17th century, Beauty Elixir has a unique formula, bursting with powerful plant extracts.

All-in-One Face Mist

Discover the many ways to use Beauty Elixir

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And you, how do you spritz ?

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All about Beauty Elixir

Discover all you need to know about this iconic product

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No. We do not recommend using products that contain essential oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

No. Beauty Elixir contains essential oils and alcohol that may be photosensitising.

Yes. It is suitable for acne-prone skin and offers a purifying action with its essential oils. If you suffer from maskne, you can even spray it on your mask before putting it on.

Yes. There are no risks for using Beauty elixir on sensitive skin. However, it is better suited to normal, combination and oily skin.

Yes. Beauty Elixir is composed of distilled plant water and essential oils. The droplets of essential oils are suspended on the surface. Do not forget to shake it well before use !

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