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The natural solution
for acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin is an increasingly growing concern for men and women. Acne-prone skin is common during adolescence, but it also stems from our lifestyles: wearing masks, hormone imbalances, unhealthy eating, stress…

To restore a healthy-looking skin, discover Vinopure, Caudalie’s cult collection that’s naturally effective to visibly target acne-prone skin, oil and pores.

Skin Perfecting Serum

Caudalie's Vinopure serum is an effective concentrate rich in natural origin ingredients to visibly target pores and oil and visibly improve the texture of acne-prone skin.

Formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients to naturally reduce the appearance of blemishes and make pores look smaller.

Reduce the appearance of blemishes

by 63% in 7 days*

Non photo-sensitizing
No synthetic fragrance



Skin Perfecting Serum



and visibly improves the quality of acne-prone skin

Skin Perfecting Serum



and visibly refines the skin's texture

Skin Perfecting Serum



responsible for blackheads

Visible results

Tested on acne-prone skin

Reduce the appearance of blemishes by


in 7 days*

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Our best natural ingredients for acne-prone skin

Caudalie has developed an exclusive combination of ingredients that work together to visibly target acne-prone skin.

Natural Salicylic Acid

It is 100% natural origin and extracted from wintergreen leaves, working to visibly unclog pores and refine the skin's texture


Pore tightening

It is better known as vitamin B3, and visibly reduces the appearance of pores.



Rich in antioxidants, to help reduce the appearance of blackheads.


6 organic essential oils

Lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, lemon balm and geranium: to reduce the bacteria responsible for acne and prevent sebum oxidation.

The 4-step Vinopure routine

Use these 4 essential steps morning and evening to visibly target acne-prone skin.

Our Clean and Sustainable Commitment

Clean & natural formulas

Labels vinopure

Eco-designed packaging

Eco-designed packaging

All the packaging in the Vinopure collection has been designed using recycled plastic and glass (2).

Removing the plastic cap on the Serum means we have been able to reduce our plastic use by 0.2 tons (3).

The Purifying Toner bottle is now designed using 100% recycled plastic, which reduced our use of virgin plastic by 8.4 tons (4).

The lighter tubes have enabled us to save 1.61 tons of virgin plastic (5).

*A free 3-piece gift when you spend $120 USD or more at Gift contains Limited Edition Headband, Vinopure Serum 10ml, and Vinopure Gel Cleanser 30ml. Apply the discount code to your cart at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other offers, while stocks lasts. Excludes Spa treatment vouchers. Non-binding photos.

The Vinopure SPA Solution


The collection for acne-prone skin to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.


All about acne-prone skin

How do you visibly target acne-prone skin? How do you reduce the appearance of blemishes? What should you do if you have acne marks?

Use Vinopure as your acne-prone skin solution!


You can use Vinopure when acne starts at 12 years or older, and every time your skin suffers from excess sebum, blemishes, blackheads, pores…

The products have been tested and are suitable to sensitive skin. However, if you use the Serum, our most concentrated product, limit use to once a day if your skin feels dry after application.

We always recommend to apply a non-comedogenic SPF 50 sunscreen.

We do not recommend Vinopure for pregnant women by precautionary principle as it contains essential oils. Vinoperfect Serum is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women to target the appearance of acne marks.

No. All products are naturally perfumed by our refreshing phyto-aromatic cocktail of essential oils.

You can use the Gel Cleanser, Lotion and Fluid all year long for daily maintenance so that you keep control on your sebum excess. When you suffer from breakouts, use the whole routine including the Serum as it is the most concentrated product to visibly improve the quality of acne-prone skin.

Yes, you can use both as they are complementary. Vinopure Serum helps to reduce the look of blackheads, breakouts, excess oil and pores. Whereas Vinoperfect Serum helps to reduces the look of acne marks.

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*Clinical study, dermatological scoring with the Vinopure gel, lotion, serum, fluid routine, 22 women, 95% of the volunteers.
**Consumer photo. Results obtained after 2 months of use (Gel cleanser, Toner, Serum). Unretouched photo.
(2) Where facilities are provided. Excluding multi-material pumps and caps, recyclable only in Caudalie’s stores thanks to the TerraCycle partnership.
(3) (4) (5) All figures are calculated according to internal estimation based on annual quantity.