To reward you for your loyalty, Caudalie created the MYCAUDALIE program in May 2013. This exclusive program allows you to receive free products, access tailor-made beauty advice and be the first to enjoy promotional offers!

You have two options:
- You can add your gift to your next order from our website and receive it with your purchases. A My Caudalie Gift must be accompanied by a retail item when ordering online.
- You can go to collect it directly in our Caudalie Boutique Spas where they can view your account and give you your gift directly.

You register on the www.caudalie.com website in the “My Account” section. All you need to do is create your personal account and enter your details by clicking here. You can also create your account directly in Caudalie Boutique Spas.

With your purchases:
If you buy products or Spa treatment vouchers on the caudalie.com website or in Caudalie Boutique Spas, points will automatically be awarded to you for each purchase, on all products (except exclusive offers).

If you buy products in our authorized third party retailers, all facial products that come in a box (excluding gift sets) can earn points. You just need to enter the unique 10 or 11 character code you will find inside the box.

For your birthday:
As a MYCAUDALIE member and if you fill in your date of birth, we will give you 30 points on your birthday.

By doing your beauty profile:
By filling in your beauty profile, you can earn 20 points. (Valid only the first time you complete the diagnosis)

Joining the MYCAUDALIE program is free and rewards you for your loyalty. Your MYCAUDALIE points allow you to redeem full-size products. From 100 points, you have access to the first level of gifts.

When you purchase on us.caudalie.com or in a Caudalie Boutique Spa your points are automatically added to your account, there is no need to add unique codes.

The Unique code is located on the inner lining of the of the box. If the Caudalie product purchased was not packaged in a box with a unique code, then there are no points associated with the product when purchased from a 3rd party retailer.

To apply your unique codes to your MYCAUDALIE account, log into your MYCAUDALIE account and go to MY LOYALTY PROGRAM then go to REGISTER MY UNIQUE CODE. When you click on it, a box will appear to apply your code. When you apply the unique code, do not enter the spaces between the numbers and letters. Please refresh your web page when you finish adding all your codes, this will ensure that the points generate a total.

Please note, only 10 Unique Codes can be entered per month.

The number of points awarded per product is indicated on the website in the product description page of each product. The number of points depends on the value of the product.

Spa face or body treatments in the Caudalie Boutique Spas earn the following points.
1 30-minute treatment = 40 points
1 50-minute treatment = 90 points
1 80-minute treatment = 130 points

The points are valid for a period of 18 months. With each registered code, the validity of all your points is extended by 18 months. "Bonus” points, which are not related to a purchase (Welcome, Beauty Profile, Sponsorship, Birthday...), do not extend how long your points are valid for. These "bonus" points expire after 2 months if no purchase is made or unique code entered during this time.

There are 3 different statuses in the Loyalty program

Caudalie Insider:
Conditions: You have not made any purchases but subscribe to our newsletter.
Benefits: you receive exclusive product information and beauty tips.

Conditions: You have made at least one purchase on caudalie.com or in Caudalie Boutique Spas or have entered a unique code on the Caudalie website following a purchase in an authorized sales outlet.
Benefits: you have access to the gift catalog, you receive points for your birthday, and have access to previews.

Conditions: You have accumulated at least 300 points over the last 12 months.
Benefits: In addition to your membership benefits, you are invited to exclusive events & product previews.

Congratulations, you are part of our MYCAUDALIE VIP community. This privileged status gives you access to previews and enables you to receive invitations to events near you. You also qualify for free shipping on every order.

You become a VIP when you have accumulated 300 points over the last 12 months as of today.
This status is not permanent. You automatically lose this status if you have accumulated fewer than 300 points over the last 12 months.
This status is valid for one year. You keep your status when you accumulate 300 points over the last few months.
You return to the member status when you have accumulated fewer than 300 points in the last 12 months. You can consult your status at any time in your personal area.

Your gift can only be delivered to your home when you order on our e-boutique www.caudalie.com.